trey kaufman's story


How SAFE met Trey Kaufman

The late Trey Kaufman (shown in his wheelchair) was a quadripalegic.  He emailed the following in response to a SAFE Newsletter:

hello, my name is Trey. 

I am a disabled veteran and a resident of pineapple Grove. 

I truly love the area, but yes there are difficulties. I am paralyzed and operate an electric wheelchair with my chin. The difficulties I experience when traveling downtown are numerous. 

The restaurants and bars have taken over much of the sidewalk. Add to that the streetlights and plantings and there is very little room for pedestrian traffic. The ADA requires I believe 5 feet of unobstructed sidewalk. In most places you are lucky to find three feet and in some places two feet. Add to that the complication of bicycles on the sidewalk instead of their legal position on the road it becomes nearly impassable at times.

as far as the traffic light I also say yes. Crossing the intersection is an enormous challenge and frankly very dangerous. Those stop signs do nothing to make drivers pay attention and I cannot count the number of close calls I have had their.

I have no doubt that if I was to bring this up in a legal proceeding I could easily win my case. It is time for someone to step up and fix the downtown area so it is accessible to everyone.

I am happy to have received this letter and I hope you will consider my thoughts,


What Trey accomplished

The SAFE Board invited Trey to a meeting held at the Delray Beach City Hall Conference Room.  Other invitees included Mayor Cary Glickstein and FDOT4  Secretary Gerry O'Reilly.  

After  hearing Trey's pleas for more room to walk on Delray's Atlantic Avenue, Mayor Glickstein invited him to a City Commission Meeting and, after hearing from Trey, the Delray Beach City Commission changed the sidewalk rules to include a  6' clear space for pedestrians.

Trey Kaufman's obituary

Charles "Trey" Kaufman

June 20, 1968 - September 20, 2016

Charles “Trey” Kaufman, 48, passed away early Tuesday morning, September 20th, after battling 24 years with MS. 

Close by was his mother, Pat Kaufman, sister, Christina (Tina) Estabrook, and niece, Gabriella Estabrook. 

Trey was a disabled Navy Veteran, artist, powerboat designer and inventor. A true innovator whose mind never stopped inventing and finding new ways to do things. He was an avid Buffalo Bills fan, loved westerns, and fast boats. He participated in several boat races including the Poker Run. 

Trey was an advocate for “Safe Delray” ensuring access for all throughout Downtown Delray. 

Trey was born in Albany, NY, grew up in Pompano Beach, FL and lived in Delray Beach, FL. A mass will be offered in his name on October 11th at 5:00 pm at St. Vincent Ferrer Church, Delray Beach, FL. Interment with military honors will be held for Trey on November 23rd at 2:45PM (Lane #3) at South Florida National Cemetery in Lake Worth, FL.